Frequently Asked Questions

What kinds of abrasives do you use for sandblasting?

For the safety of our staff, customers, and anyone in the areas near where we work, only use non-silica abrasives. Possible alternatives include nut shells, copper slag, glass beads, coal slag, nickel slag, olivine, plastic media, and others. Let us know if your project requires a specific abrasive media.

Will you repair signs while inspecting and mowing?

Generally, yes, if possible. For instance, if we see that has a sign has been knocked over, we will right it. Or, if one of the bolts loosens we will tighten that. If we feel a sign is beyond repair, we will generally notify you and wait for your advisement. Of course, if this is a significant issue for you, we are happy to tailor your specific service agreement.

What if I have an emergency after hours?

If you need anything after normal business hours, call our Emergency line at 409-370-4378.