Painting and corrosion-resistant coatings

Pipeline assets painted in-shop

Painting & Anti-Corrosion Coatings

All Work is Documented Before & After

As part of our quality control process, we document the pipeline work we do with before-and-after notes and pictures of the issues to be addressed and the work performed. All documentation is provided to you for your records.

for Longevity & Overall Appearance

To increase longevity and maintain the overall appearance of your pipeline and pipeline assets, we cost-effectively deliver proven painting and corrosion-resistant coating services.

From touch-ups to complete re-paints and re-coats, an important part of pipeline maintenance is protecting your metal components with the right coatings. Our standard painting and corrosion-resistant coating procedure consists of:

  1. Thorough sandblasting & cleaning
  2. Zinc primer
  3. Epoxy intermediate
  4. Urethane paint top coat

Your painting and coatings procedures can be defined to meet your specifications such as using your official brand colors, using specific paint additives, adding additional coats of paint, or other requirements you may have.

Proven painting and anti-corrosion painting for pipelines in Texas

anti-corrosion coatings and painting

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